“Gareth Hill is Freddie Mercury reborn

Glenn A. Baker

“He’s the perfect mirror of Freddie!” 

Hamish & Andy

“Queen Forever is the best Queen Tribute you will EVER experience. They stay true to everything Queen, performance, music, sound, look, stage presence, movement. Gareth Hill is Freddie from the minute he hits the stage, right to the end of the show. Close your eyes, you will think you are experiencing the real thing. They are all gorgeous guys, who will come off the stage and mix with the audience, for a chat or photos. They have very loyal fans, who follow their shows all over Australia. If you haven’t had the Queen Forever experience, do yourself a huge favour and check them out. You will get hooked, we did” 

Linda Forster

“What a night… I have always wanted to see what a show looks like from standing at the back… But yet again, as the first rumbles of One Vision began, I was off to the front as quick as I could… What a night… What a show!! To see how much this show has grown into such a professional performance has been amazing… Great bunch of guys and an amazing show!! What more could you ask for?? THANK YOU!!”

Jon Stephens

“I’ve seen many Queen tribute shows over the past 20 years & have to say that Queen Forever is the Best of the Best. They always put on a great show & wonderful set list to cater for the mainstream plus die hard fans. They have the look, they have the sound, they have it all. If you get a chance to see them, do it, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Nick Crofts

“Just got home from Frankston Arts Centre after enjoying your wonderful performance. Gareth your voice is truly amazing and your performance amazingly energetic, mimicking Freddie just so well. I’ve seen your performance before at the Frankston RSL but tonight I was right up front. Loved every part of the show, you do Freddie a great honour with your exacting impersonation of a demanding talent”

Michael Christian

“A tribute show is a sort of carbon copy of the original act. When that band is no longer available to see live a tribute band is the next best thing. Their job is to “channel” the vibe, charisma and to give the same type of communication that the original act oozed. Queen Forever does just that and I am sure the members of Queen would be grateful of such respect and veneration. It’s a great show with a spot on Freddie Mercury impersonation. Gather the lads and/or the gals together and head to their next show near you for a great night out.”

Carl Neumann – www.heavymag.com.au

QUEEN FOREVER are the best Queen Tribute You Will Ever See!

An amazing reproduction of one the best rock bands of all time!