2020 is our 14th year touring Australia and internationally, bringing Queen’s incredible catalogue to fans everywhere. We decided that this year, in Queen’s 50th, that we would bring you QUEENOLOGY, a special 2-part show featuring 2 distinct eras of Queen – the 1970s and the 1980s:

1970s Queen – Flamboyant, long haired Freddie wearing harlequin unitards, batwing pleats & sequins, featuring songs such as Killer Queen (1974), You’re My Best Friend (1975), Don’t Stop Me Now (1978) & Bohemian Rhapsody (1975).

1980s Queen – think of macho Freddie at Live Aid (1985) with tight jeans, white singlet and moustache, featuring songs such as Another One Bites The Dust (1980), I Want to Break Free (1984), Under Pressure (1982) and I Want it All (1989)

This is a unique concert that old and new Queen fans will love.

Queen Forever were established in Melbourne in 2006 and have been selling out concert halls and theatres all over Australia and overseas. Gareth Hill is much-loved performer and an outstanding Freddie and front-man and has been wowing fans all over the world with his amazing rendition of the late, great Freddie Mercury.

“Gareth Hill is Freddie Mercury reborn” – Glenn A. Baker 
“He’s the perfect mirror of Freddie!”  – Hamish & Andy
“A fantastic show, very interactive with the audience, a fun night for all ages”
“Queen Forever are very authentic and true to the music created by Queen. Gareth’s vocals are sensational and if you closed your eyes you could easily think you are amongst the original band from the 70’s. A must see for any Queen fan”
“Close your eyes …. and you’re transported back ….. Gareth Hill is an amazing artist and has Freddie down pat … the comradery on stage is magic…. just brilliant …..”
Prepare to be blown away by Queen Forever with their special KINDA MAGIC on their 2020 QUEENOLOGY TOUR